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Frequently Asked Questions

Walk-In Bath Benefits and Features

The Harmony Walk-In Bath is the perfect solution to help you enjoy a safe, therapeutic bathing experience. Learn more about the safety and therapeutic features of the Harmony Walk-In Bath below.

If you prefer a walk-in shower over a walk-in bathtub, Harmony also offers walk-in showers that are built to maximize safety and accessibility at an affordable price.



Harmony Walk-In Baths offer advanced safety features to help you bathe independently and stay in the home you love.

Ultra-Low Step-In for Easy Entry

We offer the lowest step-in threshold available at just a few inches, so you can enter and exit your walk-in bath with confidence. Our ultra-low step-in still prevents any water from spilling into your bathroom, while providing a very short step to enter your bath, helping to keep you safe and secure.

Fast Drain Technology

The Harmony Walk-In Bath was carefully engineered to have one of the fastest draining times available on the market. With exclusive Harmony technology, it also fills up with water faster than most other walk-in baths, allowing for a more enjoyable bathing experience.

Easy-to-Grip Handrails for Stability

Thoughtfully designed and positioned handrails are placed within the interior and exterior of the bath, helping you ease in and out of the seat safely. The interior rails help you transition from seated to standing position without losing stability, while the unique exterior frame rails allow for a firm grip on the outer wall of the bath.


Our industry-leading therapeutic technology provides unparalleled comfort and relaxation as you bathe.

Hydrotherapy Jets and BubbleMassage™ Air Jets

The Harmony Walk-In Bath is made and backed by Harmony, a leading brand in plumbing and whirlpool technology. Our Harmony Hydrotherapy Walk-In Bath features strategically placed, adjustable jets to soothe the most important areas of your body. With hydrotherapy jets targeting the front of your legs, behind your calves, and along your back and spine, you’ll feel revitalized every time you take a bath. The Harmony Hydrotherapy Walk-In Bath features our unique BubbleMassage adjustable air jets that surround your body in thousands of tiny massaging air bubbles for an incredible experience.

Multifunctional Handshower

The Harmony Walk-In Bath features the best faucets and hand shower in the industry – all bearing the trusted Harmony name. Our specialized hand shower is always within reach and provides three spray options, including a wide spray, a massage spray, and a gentle aerated spray. The ergonomic spray head also pivots to target hard-to-reach areas with soothing water streams.

Easy-to-Reach Controls

Our simple, easily accessible control panel helps you adjust the settings and adjustable massage system while safely seated. Its ergonomic design ensures complete convenience as you bathe. With three adjustable jet intensity settings, you can easily target and soothe different areas of your body.


We offer a variety of customization options to help personalize your new walk-in bath and provide the ideal bathing experience for you.


Harmony Bath and Shower Wall Collection

Transform your bathing space without any major renovations using our affordable, high quality wall panels. Choose from a wide selection of patterns, textures, and colors to make your new walk-in bath or shower fit your personal design aesthetic. You can also add optional accessories for more storage space. Our durable, stylish wall panels are engineered to make infrequent cleanings incredibly easy and they can be installed on the same day as your new walk-in bath.


Ultra-Low Step-In Height

Walk-In Bath Door Threshold Is Just A Few Inches Tall For An Effortless Entry

Step-in height may vary slightly depending on your home’s bathroom layout and specifications; 3 inches is the average step-in height on our walk-in baths.

Filling and Draining Time

Bath Fills And Drains Fast, In Just A Few Minutes On Average

Harmony Walk-In Baths have been carefully designed to have some of the fastest filling and draining times available on the market. Please note that fill and drain times may vary depending on the water pipe capacity and flow rate of your home’s plumbing system.

Air Jets & Whirlpool Jets

16 BubbleMassage Air Jets, 10 Hydrotherapy Jets

We don’t have the most jets of every walk-in bath out there – that’s intentional. Our engineers built the Harmony Hydrotherapy Walk-In Bath to feature the optimal number of high-quality jets that are more strategically positioned to maximize comfort, while maintaining a higher level of water jet pressure and air jet intensity.

Walk-In Bath Dimensions

We Are Able To Customize Our Tubs To Fit Any Bathroom

All Harmony Walk-In Baths can be customized for width/length and leveled to fit precisely within your existing bathtub space.


Sit back and relax. Harmony-certified specialists will install your new walk-in bath and remove the old bathtub in as little as one day.

Our expert installers will take precise measurements and customize your walk-in bath to fit seamlessly into your existing bathtub space. All of our installation professionals have been trained extensively to install your walk-in bath properly while respecting your home throughout the process.

Financing Available Subject To Credit Approval