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Read real testimonials from a few of our satisfied customers.


My thanks to Harmony Walk In Tubs for the beautiful new walk-in tub. It’s wonderful to be able to bathe in a tub again and to feel safe in the process. Your local representatives were most pleasant to work with. As you know, my neighbor came over and found me euphoric about the tub and the installation, and then ordered one of your tubs for her home.   

Pat L. 
Eden Prairie, MN

What a huge difference the walk-in tub has made for our Mom to be able to safely bathe instead of trying to get into her old tub. The whirlpool jets really make her legs feel better and have improved the circulation greatly. All in all, the bathroom is beautiful and so much more efficient than before. I just wanted to thank you for everything and please know that all your extra efforts are appreciated. What a great company you have!

Felicia P.
Winona, MN

I really enjoy my Harmony walk-in tub. The jets really help my back which is in bad shape. Just being able to get in a tub and being able to relax is so wonderful since I wasn’t able to get in and out of my old tub. I just love it!

Mary P.
Hinckley, MN

The best thing was how my wife was after that first bath with those fantastic water jets. She needs surgery on her back, but they can’t do it right now because her blood is not healthy – so she doesn’t get around very well. When she does walk, it’s with a walker but not very far. You know that after that first bath she felt so much better in her back that she walked all the way from the bathroom, down the hall, through the den to the table – unassisted! She walked right by herself! Made me feel so good.

Louie R.
Altoona, IA

After a couple of years speaking with different companies and trying to get the right kind of tub for my husband, who is handicapped, we finally found a company that would work with us. We had many phone calls back and forth, which is more than I can say for other companies. We finally came up with the right tub and shower that both of us can use. Now my husband doesn’t need to put a chair in the shower and I don’t have to lift him up to get him out of the shower. He can take either a shower or a bath and he feels safe. Thank you Harmony for your wonderful product. We highly recommend this company to anyone who is in need of a safe way of bathing.

Merry and Mickey L.
Freeport, IL

The installation of our new Harmony Walk-in Tub was complete in a day and a half. My husband is thrilled with this new purchase and we would highly recommend this purchase to anyone having difficulty in using a bathtub. It is truly a worthwhile investment.

Dan P.
Seymour, IN

I really like my Harmony bath. I have a lot of aches and pains in knees and back and it works exactly how they said it would. I am really happy with it.

Robert T.
Minot, ND

Access is easy. Really dressed up the bathroom beautifully. Filling, draining and heating are excellent… The jets and warmth are wonderful therapy.

Linda M.
Gastonia, NC

My husband, who is handicapped, loves it because he doesn’t have to lift his foot too high. He says it is the best thing ever and has stopped a great many falls.

Valparaiso, IN

I was most satisfied with the guarantee. Being a single, elderly woman it is nice to know that if something is wrong with this tub, it will be fixed.
Great Experience, Start to Finish.

Columbus, OH

The sales person and the installers were great to work with.
Low Entry Makes Bathing Easy.

Lima, OH

My Walk-In is awesome. I’m so glad I decided to invest in it. Having MS, it’s so much easier to get in and out of.

Naples, FL

The low step threshold is great. I have no problem getting in and out of the tub. I love the jets. I love sitting in there and letting it go for 15 minutes. I love everything about the Harmony walk‑in tub.

Kansas City, MO

The looks of it are better than we thought! The Harmony walk‑in bath makes my mother’s life easier and we are very pleased!

Fort Wayne, IN

I was most satisfied with the design of the tub. I like the door, it seems to be a little wider. The access is a little bit easier to get in and out. Being the tub is wide, you don’t have a little hump that you have to climb over.

Denny S.
Rapid City, SD

The installers were very nice guys, very professional and neat and I was very happy with them and the new bathtub is great.

Monroe, WI

It has helped my feet so much. My salesman was very professional and did a great job – No pressure.

Stillwater, MN

My wife was always scared when we just had the shower—with two canes, one of them could slip. But with the tub, she just sits in it and relaxes, reads, listens to the radio and has a great time!

Glenview, IL

The installation crew was fantastic-They cleaned up after themselves and were very courteous.

Watertown, SD

It is so soothing, comfortable, and more importantly safe. I’m now sleeping so much better – I just absolutely love it!

Appleton, WI

It looks wonderful and never gets cold. The handheld shower part has changed so much for me because I was able to take care of myself! Even my friends were so impressed with how it looked when they came over to look at it.

Kenosha, WI

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