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Step-In Tub
Whirlpool & Air Jets
Easy Entry 
Walk-In Tub
One Day
Step into a new kind of therapeutic bathing experience...
Blending the best in safety,
comfort and affordability.
Ease in and out of your new walk-in bath with confidence. Our extra-wide door, ultra-low step-in and easy-to-grip handrails keep you safe and secure. Our step-in is the lowest you’ll find anywhere and our Fast Drain Technology helps the bath drain more efficiently, allowing for a safe exit every time you bathe.  
Lowest step-in tub
Extra wide door
Easy to grip handles
Multi-use handshower
#1 Rated Walk-In Tub
Enjoy spa-like comforts as you unwind and soothe sore muscles, allowing our air jets and hydrotherapy whirlpool jets rejuvenate your entire body. Customize your bathing experience with fully adjustable comfort settings.
Purchase with
peace of mind.
Our Harmony walk-in tubs are designed and assembled right here in the United States of America (USA).
Our walk-in bathtubs are easy to enter & exit with nonslip floors specifically designed for your safety.
Your Harmony Walk-In Tub is backed by our lifetime guarantee, which is better than any warranty available.
Installed in one day,
by a Harmony-certified specialist.
We'll install your new walk-in tub and remove the old tub, in as little as one day.
Our financing options can help you get a new walk-in tub installed in your home, so you can bathe safely and comfortably. Your Harmony-certified specialist can help you determine the best financing plan to meet your needs.

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Receive a $100 Gift Card With Your In-Home Estimate!
Harmony Walk-in Tub Certifications and Ratings
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